BOSASA's story originally began in 1981 when the idea to create a full facilities management company was first sparked by the need to service our national demand for industry growth. This is when we began to look to our future and create a company that could bridge the gaps that existed in knowledge management and strategy - through a multidisciplinary approach. It took ten more years before this future became our reality and it seemed only fitting to name our company BOSASA, meaning “the future” in Northern Sotho. Our aim from the start has been to drive the industry forward, to create benchmark technologies as well as to improve on those already available in the industry.

BOSASA is, and always will be, a proudly South African entity. We believe that all the skills and talent we require to drive our company forward, are available to us locally. Our commitment to not only the ideals of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) but also to the empowerment of women - forms a fundamental part of our ethos. Our aim to uplift, develop and educate those who need it most is an integral ideal that we commit to at BOSASA on a daily basis.

BOSASA is a Global Company with an African Vision

BOSASA is, today, a wholly South African owned company that is not only a leader in technology and full facilities management but also boasts a level 2 BEE accreditation. BOSASA's approach to business is always holistic. Our belief is that if our employees cannot grow - then neither can our company. To this end, we’ve established numerous training and wellness initiatives that are available not only to employees, but also the community at large.

We’re incredibly proud of our head offices situated at The Mogale Business Park, just outside Krugersdorp in Gauteng. The park is the first wholly BEE owned business park of its kind in South Africa. Here we have created an environment where both our employees and our clients can flourish. The park is equipped with state-of-the-art training facilities, call centre and shared services centres, supporting our national interest. All of these facilities, and more, are available to staff and clients on a 24/7 basis.

BOSASA has made a commitment to the preservation of our country’s natural heritage. The park was constructed in the most eco-friendly manner possible, and includes a bird sanctuary as well as indigenous gardens.

One predominant feature of BOSASA is that we are a company that strives for excellence in everything we do. The BOSASA groups vision and mission:
  • Mission - BOSASA will deliver Full Facilities Solutions through professional teams specialising in client-focused innovation, analytics and technology. We commit to this in order to contribute to the economic and social development of our nation.
  • Vision – We commit to service excellence by harnessing and growing the talents of the people of BOSASA. We aim to empower our employees not only in their vocational skills but also their personal development so they may contribute to the economic and social development of our nation.

The following core values not only support our vision and mission statement but also form the basis of our company’s culture and beliefs when dealing with our colleagues and clients.
  • Customer Focus – We understand that for our company to move forward we have to earn the respect and trust of our clients. This is why we create a culture of customer focus to tend to all their needs efficiently.
  • Integrity – We believe that to gain the trust of not only our clients but also our staff we must cultivate a culture of transparency and honesty which leads to our integrity.
  • Excellence – This is the key point, BOSASA IFM has made a commitment to excellence in everything we do from products and services to delivering work in a timely fashion.
  • People Appreciation – The people we work with, and for, are our most valuable assets and it’s therefore of fundamental importance to care for one another. Our goal is that every person who comes into contact with BOSASA IFM becomes empowered and inspired.
  • Building Healthy Relationships – Cultivating good relationships not only with our clients but also between colleagues, has played an important role in BOSASA IFM's success. To achieve anything great in life we must work together.
  • Innovation – For BOSASA IFM to remain a leader in the field of technology we must stay ahead of international trends. This is why we encourage a culture of creativity and innovation in our employees.
  • Respect for our Environment – BOSASA IFM has made a commitment to consciously contribute to a sustainable environment and this forms a basis of our daily operations.

BOSASA IFM has come a long way since its inception over a decade ago. we have established a proven track record. BOSASA IFM has dedicated itself and its subsidiaries to the upliftment of the South African people and makes a promise of excellence, not only to our clients but also to our nation. This is done with all the tools available to us, as well as the software that we have also developed.

Call the Bosasa IFM reception desk on +27 (0)11 662 6000 or email us for more information on our brands and full facilities management services.
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Latest News
  • BOSASA delivers quality training to DCS
    21 April 2016
    BOSASA at DCS has since inception of the catering contract maintained a strict training programme. Offenders and BOSASA employees have benefited from the programme. In 2015 alone, by September 900 BOSASA employees and more than 7000 offenders were trained in Level 1 and 2 professional food... Read More »

  • BOSASA Catering Services Transform Prison Meals for Good
    21 April 2015
    By Bethuel Mdakane According to Department of Correctional Services (DCS) 2014 statistics, there are about 112 467 sentenced prisoners in South Africa, with new offenders sentenced daily. The Department of Correctional Services used be responsible for all the catering services for its... Read More »

  • BOSASA Catering at Sibanye Gold offers an unrivalled service
    27 January 2015
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  • The BOSASA Annual Corporate Fast
    16 January 2015
    Join us for our 21 Day Annual Corporate Fast as we prepare in prayer for a Year of Significance! The fast will take place from 19 January - 9 February 2015. Trusting in God for victories and breakthroughs in every area of our lives in 2015. Matthew 6:33 Click here to download the Corpor... Read More »

  • BOSASA catering proves to be one of the best
    25 November 2014
    BOSASA Operations, thinks out of the box and proves to be the best in customer service at the DCS Gauteng Regional (VIP) Meeting. On the 23 October 2014 the DCS Gauteng Regional Office, which is headed by the Acting Regional Commissioner Mr. Mkhabela, approached BOSASA to cater for a min... Read More »

  • BOSASA Strikes a Chord with Mozambican Minister
    23 June 2014
    Africa must find African solutions for African problems. This talk has been gaining currency since the late 90s. It was part of the ever promising African Renaissance movement. One that sought to reverse the losses sustained during colonialism and the devastating post-colonial wars as well... Read More »

  • Sibanye Gold: Walls and Tables Come Alive
    19 June 2014
    “You have to see it to believe it” were the words of Unit Leader William Setho as he reported on the latest work eKayaMedia has completed in the mine kitchens at Sibanya Gold. Having completed all of the necessary design for branding and signage in all BOSASA Operations kitchens, stores an... Read More »

    02 May 2014
    Employee Wellness congratulates the new chef at the Diner, Neil Byrne.   We requested that he pay serious attention to the salt content in food but Neil had already addressed that. As a nation with one of the highest rates of high blood pressure in the world as well as associated heart dis... Read More »

    25 April 2014
    Dietician Roselidah Aluha has just been awarded her Master of Science Degree in public health and food science. Writing to us from Toronto Canada, she claims with gratitude ‘I would never have done this without BOSASA. I evaluated the food service of adolescent boys in the Mogale Child and... Read More »

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