Munirah Oliveria

Munirah Oliveria is Committed to Transformation

Image of Munirah Carol Oliveria

Born in Port Elizabeth, Munirah Oliveria has dedicated her life to her role at BOSASA and to the development of those around her. Munirah's father passed away when she was only a young girl of 10 and on his death bed she promised that she would look after her siblings. Munirah kept this promise and in the same way has devoted much of her life in service to others.

Gavin Watson (BOSASA CEO) and his family played an important role in transforming her life. From this family's values and spiritual beliefs she learnt how to connect with herself. Through her inner growth and her work with BOSASA, Munirah has become more at peace and fulfilled in life. The lesson she’s learned, that your past doesn’t have to determine your future, she attributes greatly to her experience at BOSASA.

Munirah Oliveria in her role as one of the key BOSASA Directors

Munirah Oliveria has been with the BOSASA Group from its inception and has dedicated her life to the principles of BOSASA. She believes that the company helped her to grow in a holistic way encompassing both her personal and professional life. Munirah works towards helping others to also reach their full potential and has honed her people skills and passion to do just that.

Her ability to assess and anticipate risk combined with her problem-solving and mediation skills has resulted in great trust and respect from both clients and colleagues. She uses these skills coupled with her understanding of people, to create hands-on translations of company strategy and policies. Through her bilateral interpretation of both client and company needs Munirah creates an environment of trust and exemplary service.

Munirah and BOSASA - A perfect Match

BOSASA holds a belief in the development and transformation of people’s lives, Munirah is a true supporter of this philosophy. She’ll often speak of the lessons she has learnt throughout her career at BOSASA, namely how to not let small hills hold you back from climbing mountains. Munirah uses BOSASA's belief in the pursuit of excellence as a driving force in creating the strategies and policies that have driven her career to its current heights. She believes that BOSASA helped her to reach her full potential and wants to do the same for others.

Munirah Oliveria shows her gratitude for the mentors she's had within BOSASA by being a mentor herself and making a commitment to nurture the potential and growth in others. She advocates the concept of being an investor in human life and her passion for people and dedication to her beliefs are paramount to the success she has drawn from this philosophy. BOSASA believes in creating a culture of excellence through the achievements of its staff and all that pass through their care. Munirah Oliveria is a shining example of how much we can achieve.

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